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Bhartiya Jan Sewa Pratishan: Banswara

Location: Banswara District, Rajasthan

Aim: To provide education within rural communities and run residential schools in larger townships. Empowering over 50 000 students through 522 + schools throughout rural Rajasthan.

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Samtol Foundation: Mumbai

Location: Thane District Mumbai

Founded in in 2006 by Shri Vijay R Jadhav

Aim: The NGO aims to reunite runaway children, some as young as 9. These children runaway from all over India and come to Mumbai in the hope of finding fame and work. The NGO works with the children’s families via counseling, education and liaising with the authorities to reunite them with their families.

It works with the children who arrive at Mumbai’s busiest railway stations, shelters them and provides an education whilst helping them to contact their families and work through the domestic problems, which led the child to runaway.

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Seva Sahayog: Pune

Location: Pune, Maharashtra

Aim: To engage socially conscious corporate, groups and individuals, with other NGOs of matching interests.

Empowering slum communities through:

  • Improving understanding about health care & access to health care
  • Providing vocational training for women with a focus on sustainability
  • Education via outreach programs and novel, practical learning experiences

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Gopal Dham: New Delhi

Kamalini Karna Badhir Vidyalay: Thane

Chitrakoot project: Chirakoot

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Youth For Sewa (YFS) is a service project of Sewa UK. Charity Number: 1135425