Youth For Sewa – Aims and Objectives


Youth for Sewa is an unpaid summer internship offered by Sewa UK & National Hindu Students’ Forum (UK), focusing on self-development through the service of underprivileged communities.
It is an opportunity for young adults to contribute their time to a larger movement of serving humanity.
The program is designed to actualize the meaning of Sewa – Selfless Service.
Projects are available in health care, education, environmental awareness, women’s empowerment, rural development and micro-finance.
Interns spend the duration of their internship working with NGOs in the community.
Through service, they will discover, learn and engage in a transformative experience that empowers them, as they strive to make an impact in their chosen field.


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Youth For Sewa (YFS) is a service project of Sewa UK. Charity Number: 1135425